Patient Advocacy Groups

Give your community better insights to their disease & environment while working toward treatments & cures.

Take the lead in clinical research.

As a PAG, your contribution to clinical research is limited to helping enroll patients in clinical trials with no impact in generating insights useful for research.

By building dynamic registries using embleema technology, you will establish a continous data platform that will power multiple clinical studies and receive fair compensation for you and your constituents, positioning you at the forefront of clinical research.

We empower groups to control where their health data goes to discover cures for diseases that affect their community.

Consolidated Health Data

Health data can be easily uploaded so patients can track their health and disease progress and view their entire digital health history in one spot.

Research that Matters

Your patients will always have clarity of where their data is going, how it is used & that it is contributing to the research they care about.

Clear Compensation

We clearly define the compensation users will receive for their data and understand patients want to defray medical costs or donate to specific disease research.

With embleema’s health app, patients are in control & can seamlessly view & track their health in one secure location.

Introducing our new platform that offers user registration, research participation, connected health data & rewards tracking on your computer, tablet or phone.

With embleema’s health app, patients are in control & can seamlessly view & track their health in one secure location.

Our focus on safety allows your community to focus on their health knowing that their data is safe.

The safest way to store your most sensitive data.

On Embleema’s private blockchain, the only ID that links your data back to you is a public key, i.e., a unique combination of letters & numbers. This offers more privacy than typical login methods, such as name or email address. With blockchain, you can finally take back control & manage your own data. Our network is compliant with HIPAA in the US & GDPR in Europe.

It’s your health data, so you should control it.

Your health data is one of your most valuable assets. Don’t let anyone else decide who can access it or use it against you. Create custom share settings & decide if you would like to be discoverable for new clinical research studies. If you fit within the criteria of a new study, or any entity would like to view your data, we will always ask you for your permisison first.

Privacy & management that allows data to stay anonymous.

Patient data is de-identified and aggregated with other patients who suffer from similar conditions. They can also decide to opt out at any time or choose exactly what research institutions they would like to participate with.

Patients earn rewards for tracking their health.

Tokens are earned by completing surveys, uploading data & health tracking.

Gain additional benefits from health data with every new study patients opt into.

Tokens are tracked and collected for patients to reach goals within each study.

Tokens can be exchanged for tangible real world rewards like prizes or monetary benefits (U.S. only).

Patients can opt to donate their tokens back to benefit foundations that affect their health community.

Research that benefits everyone.

Research that benefits everyone.


Learn about our impact to every participant in the Embleema research experience.

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