Our technology is used by research centers, pharmaceutical companies & patient advocacy groups across the world. Learn more about our projects below.

Human Epilepsy Project

We are working with NYU Langone on the Human Epilepsy Project to help find a cure for a disease affecting over 2.4 million Americans.

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CRISPR Therapeutics Uses HIVE Technology


CRISPR Therapeutics, global leader in gene editing therapies, uses HIVE as its in-house bioinformatics platform for a wide variety of uses, such as assay quality control, alignment, classification and target discovery amongst others.

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FDA Use of HIVE for Regulatory Evaluations

HIVE is an integrated bioinformatics platform used by the FDA to verify genomics data & analytics during a regulatory review which has been used in Next Generation Sequencing and/or other complex data sets.

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Together Against Covid-19

The danger of the COVID-19 pandemic is even more complex for those fighting serious diseases. We’ve partnered with large & small Patient Advocacy Group’s across the U.S. to help them learn about what their constituents are dealing with & focus on their needs.

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MDEpiNet Use of HIVE for Real-World Data & Evidence

MDEpiNet uses HIVE as a technology that provides a secure healthcare biomedical data archival ecosystem. HIVE maintains a standardization and harmonization framework, high performance analytics & an integrator platform.

Atopic Dermatitis

We are setting up a community of patients suffering from eczema & asking them to contribute their data continuously for research.

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