Atopic Dermatitis


We are setting up a community of patients suffering from eczema & asking them to contribute their data continuously for research.

Patient's are empowered to make an informed decision.

Participants are using the embleema App to provide their informed & reversible consent to join the community & share their data. We make it very clear that their data belongs to them and they control every aspect of the sharing of it.

Data Syncing & Surveys

We provide patients with an Apple Watch equipped with the Itch Tracker which measures the itching during their sleep. Patients respond to surveys related to their quality of life & itching. Correlating this objective information with the perceived information & other clinical data, brings an interesting method to benchmark patient reported outcomes. 

Medical Records in one spot.

Participants upload their electronic medical records through their care centers’ patient portals with a few clicks to easily visualize their medical history. Records can also be quickly shared with providers making for better informed & well-rounded tele-visits.

Rewards for participation.

Patients are incentivized each time they generate and share their data, they collect points which, like airline miles, can be redeemed for a reward when they reach a certain threshold.