Partnership FAQ’s

What is Alira Health and Embleema announcing?

Alira Health and Embleema are partnering to provide next-generation end-to-end solutions for real-world data and evidence generation for the life sciences industry. By combining Alira Health’s comprehensive capabilities in clinical research, observational studies, health economics and outcomes research and data analytics with Embleema’s technology for regulatory-grade, multi-modal real-world data sharing and evidence generation, this partnership provides a one-stop shop capability for life sciences to benefit from continuous, patient-level real-world data and evidence.

Why are Alira Health and Embleema’s real-world data solutions better than the existing ones?

Current real-world data solutions are either siloed – providing only one data type such as claims data or electronic medical records, lacking depth – with the absence of key clinical information limiting possible uses, providing a picture in time without a longitudinal view, and do not fully involve the patient which limits insights from the patient’s perspective.

Alira Health and Embleema’s next-generation real-world data (RWD) platforms solve those issues by offering longitudinal, multi-modal, patient-level data with an active patient community continuously staying active on the long run and enriching the data set.

What are the use cases for Alira Health and Embleema’s solutions?

With Alira Health and Embleema, life sciences organizations can conduct post-market studies and have a continuous and long-term understanding of their product usage in terms of outcomes, lines of treatments, prescription patterns, treatment alternatives, and safety. Moreover, our solution can also be used in a clinical development setting by providing life sciences organizations a precise view on patient pathways, patient preferences, and unmet medical needs.

What do you mean by regulatory-grade real-world data?

One of the key technology components of our solution is the HIVE (High-Performance Integrated Virtual Environment), a big data repository and analytics platform, currently in use by the U.S. FDA for its regulatory evaluation of precision medicine products involving complex data sets such as -omics, images and/or spectral data. By standardizing our data collection and curation using HIVE protocols and tools, we provide a comprehensive provenance framework for data collection, curation and analytics.

In which countries are you running the partnership?

Our joint platform solution is available in the U.S. and Europe.

Which data types can you share through your RWD platform?

Our RWD platform supports electronic medical records (EMR), patient-reported outcomes (PRO), connected devices data, -omics, images, spectral data and other unstructured data types.

Why is your RWD platform patient-driven?

Patients are active contributors to research in our RWD platform. Not only do patients provide a fully-informed and voluntary electronic consent for each time they share data with a research project, patients have an active role by providing valuable data such as responses to surveys, access to their medical records and connected devices. Our platform also continuously gives valuable information back to patients such as personalized community reports and preliminary results of the research they are participating in while providing both patients and caregivers valuable digital services. By empowering patients to contribute actively and benefit from research in a fully transparent manner, we establish a sustainable and ever-improving real-world data source.

Why is your RWD platform multi-purpose?

Our RWD platform allows multiple uses and applications of a single multi-modal data core. It provides patients and caregivers with continuous personalized insights and digital services. Lifesciences can access regulatory-grade, longitudinal data and evidence to support their health products. Providers can visualize an up-to-date consolidated view of their patient’s condition and medical history. Payers can understand treatment outcomes and improve their cost models.

Which diseases do you currently support?

We support all diseases. Our RWD platform is particularly powerful for complex diseases with unmet medical needs or unclear standards of care.

For European clients, where is the data stored? Are you GDPR compliant?

For European clients, data is stored in Europe and our solution complies with GDPR as well as local regulations pertaining to health data collection, management and sharing.

Media Contact:

Marlana Voerster

Director of Global Marketing
Cell: +1.617.682.6970