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Exploring Real World Evidence

in Nice, France

Our company WHISE Embleema provides a technology platform to exchange Real-World Data, genomic and imaging to accelerate clinical research resulting in new treatments being available sooner to patients. Our platform uses cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain to ensure patient consent and data quality, as well as world-class infrastructure such as HIVE and WHISE, a highly secure health data storage, exchange and analytics platform used notably at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for their regulatory evaluations for precision medicine treatments. We have current contracts with top pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. and Europe, and also leading clinical establishments such as Gustave Roussy, the leading cancer care and research center in Europe.  Please refer to https://www.gustaveroussy.fr/en/gustave-roussy-and-embleema-announce-healthcare-blockchain-initiative-accelerate-cancer-research for more details on this.

We are pleased to invite you to the healthcare event we are organizing on Wednesday Jan 28 in Nice to discuss advancements in oncology precision medicine and clinical data. Global leaders in the area of cancer treatment, bio-informatics and regulation will have the opportunity to share with you their latest insights and engage in a fruitful conversation with you.

Schedule of Events

  • 14:00 – Welcome

    Mr. Charles Guépratte (General Manager, CHU Nice, President of UniHA): Healthcare data uses at the Nice University Hospital

  • 14:20 – Discussions

    Pr. Olivier Guérin (Président de la Société Française de Gériatrie et de Gérontologie, Professeur des Universités-Praticien Hospitalier en gériatrie, Chef du pôle gérontologie du CHU de Nice): Patient pathway and research optimization using healthcare data

  • 14:50 – Discussions

    Mr. David Giblas (VP of Innovation, Malakoff Mederic Humanis): Healthcare data at MMH, Why? How?

  • 15:30 – 16:00 PM Break

    Have a cup of coffee to recharge for an exciting evening.

  • 16:00 PM- Discussions

    Robert Chu (WHISE Embleema): How to accelerate clinical research with patient-driven data ecosystems

  • 16:30 PM- Discussions

    Pr. Vahan Simonyan (WHISE Embleema): Precision medicine bio-informatics

  • 17:00 PM- Discussions

    Pierre Germain (Gustave Roussy Foundation): Cure Cancer in the 21st Century: the patients’ role in clinical research

  • 17:30 PM- Closing Comments

    Robert Chu makes some closing comments to mark the end of the day’s discussions.

  • 17:45 PM – 19:00 PM Cocktails & Converstations

    Have a cocktail while you network with the speakers and other event attendees