Connecting real users to share real world data in real time to fast track drug development

Embleema’s virtual trial & regulatory analytics establish trusted data networks for faster research & regulatory reviews

The unique embleema research experience is remarkably fast, accurate & secure.

Customized studies are created in our study designer

Users are recruited immedietly & digitally consent to a study

Users participate in secure, untampered data collection

Patient consent & data management are securely stored on our blockchain

The same platform used by the FDA (HIVE) analyzes & organizes the data for researchers

Regulatory real world data helps speed up treatment availability & improve safety

Our Virtual Studies Suite

From patient recruitment to regulatory submission, the embleema platform collects, manages & analyzes of all types of clinical & real-world data with full control from the user.

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Our Virtual Studies Suite

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August 24-26 at the The Gaylord National Harbor in Maryland.

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We are working with NYU Langone on the Human Epilepsy Project to help find a cure for a disease affecting over 2.4 million Americans

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